Vapes Cartridges

What are Vapes Cartridges?

A Vape Cartridge (or cart) is a cartridge made of glass that is filled with just a pinch of cannabis oil, mostly 1-.15 grams. As they are affordable and readily available, they have become extremely popular worldwide.

Because of various combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes in this oil, there are many varieties of carts available.

Conventionally, Oil vape carts have high quantities of THC content, but with changed preferences of the consumers, CBD-dominant cartridges are also making their place and getting popular quickly. They have as much CBD content as do 1:1 THC: CBD products.

How to use a Vape Cartridge:

First off, remember to charge and then load it. After a cycle, you have to recharge it. When the pen is fully charged, attach your cart to the battery and start puffing.

Following are some quicks tips for smoking an oil vape cartridge:

If your cartridge pen has an On/Off switch, you might have to click it 5 consecutive times to turn it on/off. That’s a convention.

Keep it upright and make sure there is no oil leakage from the cart, you should double-check that your battery is firmly attached to the cart.

Now start puffing slowly, you will find it’s super easy to consume cannabis this way.

You don’t want to harm yourself so make sure the cart doesn’t get too hot. Excessive temperature can also ruin your consumption experience as it can affect the chemical composition of oils.

The last warning in this regard is to use your Vape Cartridge only for the purpose it is designed for. That means, don’t use a dry herb cart with concentrated herbs and vice versa. Doing so will just ruin your device and your herbs will be wasted.

However, there are also some carts that have swappable parts to allow you to switch between both categories of herbs. But again, that also needs care and mindfulness.

You Need to Vape Mindfully:

Having control over what you consume and how you do is very important. When vaporizing herbs, you need to be aware of your intake rate and the amount of cannabis you consume.

For the best optimal experience and taste, keep your cart clean. Here are some further guidelines about vaporizing herbs through vape cartridges.

The Right Temperature

The temperature you keep is another critical thing to consider. Of course, it depends on your preferences and what effect you like.

There are many cannabinoids and for optimal feel, they need to be evaporated at different temperatures. Maybe you will need some time before you get settled with YOUR temperature-cannabinoids mix.

Take Short Puffs

Don’t take long-hard hits from your vape cart. If you hit it too hard, chances are you end up sucking up highly concentrated ingredients that can be vaporized otherwise and you can have a longer experience. Take equal and short puffs just as you smoke a cigarette.

Avoid Over-Excitement

Most of the time, the highest available settings of the carts shouldn’t be used. They are there just as contingency support. Middle settings work ideal for most people.

Vape Fresh Herbs

The fresher your herbs, the better your vaping experience. If you are using dry herbs, they should be properly cured and still be fresh. Make sure to them as fine as possible.

Find the Best Combo

Ground your cannabis balls fine. Airflow should make contact with the most substantial amount of buds. Consume as much weed as you can, but make sure you pack very finely ground ingredients without condensing them so much so to block airflow.



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