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Agent Orange by ILGM is a strain of cannabis known for its sweet flavor and fragrant aroma. This slightly sativa leaning hybrid is a balanced blend that is uplifting and motivating. Agent Orange by ILGM has been bred to mirror the original strain developed by TGA Genetics. For an instantly invigorating high, Agent Orange is the strain for you. Its aroma is both energizing and pleasant, and its flowers are sweet and citrusy

his child of parent strains Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper contains 10% to 19% THC and 0.01% to 0.1% CBD. So, not only does it pack a punch in the euphoria department, but it also has some useful medicinal properties.

Adverse Reactions

Selective breeding over time has led to a strain of cannabis that doesn’t cause adverse reactions in most users. A few users experience dry mouth and dry eyes, but, that can also be avoided through constant hydration with liquids.

Agent Orange is one of the happiest strains available because there is very little chance of making its user uncomfortable.  Medical dispensaries often recommend it because it has few reported cases of anxiety and dizziness. Using Agent Orange also rarely results in paranoia.


Medical Uses For Agent Orange

All over the world, Agent Orange is used as one of few natural remedies for a number of medical conditions. Some users even report curing ailments that hadn’t even been clearly diagnosed. Some of the medical uses of this weed variety include the following:

  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Treats fatigue
  • Overcoming depression
  • Treats insomnia

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