Moon Rock


Strain Name:  Moon Rocks
Type: Sativa
THC: %54
Medical Uses: Recommended for Depression, Stress and Pain etc

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Moon Rocks Weed. Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. Buy Moon Rocks Online. It has a sweet blueberry lavender aroma and calming full-body effects. Buy Moon Rocks  Online

The Strongest Bud. The name itself sounds pleasing to any cannabis user who wants to get super-duper high. Instead, Moon Rocks are usually a strain of Girl Scout Cookies and normally dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Moon rocks.


Lab Tested Results Of Moon Rock

THC: 54%
CBD: 0.15%
CBN: 0.02%

THC: Buy moonrocks online

Short of tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana.
-In low doses, the compound causes some pain reduction, may reduce aggression, can stimulate appetite, and help reduce nausea.
-Higher doses may cause the high associated with marijuana, leading to an altered perception of time and space, and feelings of happiness or fatigue.

Hitting Moon Rocks produces an extremely pleasant, terpene-rich taste of kief that makes you say, “Woooo, that’s delicious.” The smoke clouds produced are super big and full, so each hit is damn near its own experience.




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