Moon Rocks


Strain Name:  Moon Rocks
Type: Sativa
THC: %54
Medical Uses: Recommended for Depression, Stress and Pain etc


Buy moonrocks online

Buy moonrocks online from the best cannabis dispensary in Canada. The Weed Link offers only the quality of marijuana products. moonrock strain for sale USA  they are marijuana strain which is covered with hash oil and sprayed with kief. Givin birth to a brilliant product with extremely high THC levels. Traditionally moonrocks are produced from girl scout cookies but most at the time any product bud would be a good starting point. Buy Moonrocks Online from our weed shop.

 Best moonrocks in Canada
Best moonrocks in Canada

How to Make Moonrocks – moonrocks for sale

The first stage in making moonrocks is to select the most efficient and potent strain after which you proceed to buy hash oil online, this cop=uld easily be done at The Weed Link once the first two steps have been completed. You need to proceed to get the kief that collected while grinding or it could be purchased as well. Put the nuggets in a wooden skewer then dip it into hash oil in a bowl. End by rolling it with kief.

Lab Tested Results Of Moon Rock

THC: 54%
CBD: 0.15%
CBN: 0.02%

Origin of Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are made out of the longstanding, intimate relationship between cannabis culture and hip-hop — or, to be more precise, gfhfsffd out of a mixtape project bfgddh between former Death Row Records  hfgfsd executive vice president-turned-marijuana mogul Kurupt (Ricardo E. Brown) and music artist Dr. Zodiak (Daniel Laughlin).


Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak met in 2013, bvhdftd and quickly went from collaborating on a mixtape to lgdfrassf aunching the first line of branded marijuana moon rocks. Since the advent of Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks, other brands and dispensaries have breached the stratosphere ahftdtr nd launched their own lunar concoctions.


Just How Potent are Moon Rocks?

You might expect moon rock weed to hold a tttrstdxd large percentage of marijuana’s most desirable compound, THC. You’d be right. Most moon rocks gcydtr contain more than 50% THC. Due to its high jhhgfg potency, you probably won’t want to offer a bowl of moon rock weed to a first-time smoker. Moonrocks for sale


How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Moon Rocks? 

As you may have guessed, moon rocks are hgfdtrsfdxfd usually a little higher priced per gram or per eighth, or 3.5 grams, than your normal top-tier flower. A gram of moon rock weed averages hfhydfdgf between $25 and $35, and an eighth averages between $90 and $100.  Moonrocks for sale


Caviar vs Moon Rocks

The terms caviar and moon rocks are sometimes used interchangeably. However, one technical difference exists between the two. hgfdfdgfg Moon rocks are always a cannabis flower that’s been soaked in concentrate and then coated in kief, while caviar may or may not include the kief. Essentially, jhhhgdgtserr all moon rocks could also be considered caviar, but caviar without kief is not considered a proper moon rock. Moonrocks for sale


How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Smoking moon rocks isn’t necessarily complicated, but it does requireyyfdfg some extra care and attention to detail. Here are some key dos and don’ts to keep in mind when smoking moon rock weed ygdgfsfdxg



  • Use scissors to break them up in small pieces.
  • Use glass — lightly pack a bowl ofuyfytdyt moon rocks into a pipe or a water piece to ensure you lose as little kief as possible.
  • Use hemp wick to light your moon rocks.jhftdytt The consistency and dense layering of moon rocks makes it necessary to hold a flame to your bowl for longer than you would with dry flower. Using hemp wick will save you from potentially tasting all of that butane from a lighter.


  • Don’t try to roll it up into a moon rock joint or a moon rock blunt. Moon rocks are simply too sticky to be rollable.
  • Don’t throw moon rocks in your grinder.gcydtrxf It will completely gunk up your grinder and likely remove most of the moon rock’s kief coating.
  • Don’t pack a bowl of moon rock weed too tightly. You’ll waste more kief and the bowl will be very difficult to light.jbufhgc



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