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Buy Superman OG online. The origin of this strain remains unclear to most cannabis communities and remain a topic of debate. What is know about this strain is that its a hybrid strain which is slightly idica dorminat (60%) and sativa (40%). Most individuals often affiliate the strain to be  a cross between Bubba Kush X Tahoe OG. Superman OG for sale

This strain has a THC level ranging from 17-27% with a veyv low CBD % of 0.2-033%.Its often recommended being stored in a cool dry environment. Flowering of this strain last aperoid of 7-9 weeks and is often fully flowered in mid October. Superman Kush renders the mind relaxed and free. order marijuana seeds online USA

As a result of the strain calming effect is often used to treat patients suffering from conditions such as muscle spasms, and mild to moderate cases of depression. Superman OG for sale from our weed shop.  Buy Superman OG online

Buy Superman OG online

Consumers of this strain say it help to boost appetite and that it has a mild antiemetic effect. The following side-effects have been affiliated with the superman OG strain. Purchase marijuana seeds online USA

  • Cotton Mouth
  • Dry  eyes

Superman OG’s history is shrouded in mystery but is known for having iujffhdgf large crystal-covered buds with fine dark orange hairs that reportedly have a THC count up to 20 percent. Weed for sale online usa.

Despite being Indica dominant this strain still produces cerebral effects that hjhhfh will have user’s moods soaring. The strong numbing body high may also make users hjhyttrf feel lazy and drag them into a long nap or a full night’s rest. Users should beware that this strain can give you a massive appetite, and because of such is regularly recommend for those suffering from Nausea or eating disorders such as Anorexia. As with any other strain, hytgfydf Superman OG has its own little flecks of kryptonite included that may jhjgfdg induce cotton mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, headaches and dizziness. Superman OG for sale

Due to the strong Indica effects of this strain it is recommended for night time sdfghj medicating, perfect for defeating the likes of Insomnia. Stress, anxiety and depression are efghjhgfdxcvb other villainous disorders that may quake in fright before this strain. Much like the superhero it is named for Superman OG is strong hfdsdfhj enough to make even severe chronic aches and pains weaker. Some find relief from dfghjgrtgv their migraines through the use of this strain as well. Buy superman OG online



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