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Buy Lvender strain from Theweedlink weed shop and get a worldwide delivery. Lavender, also known as Soma #10, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that tgdgdfgf has placed first in many competitions and carries a THC count as high as 19% hgf. Order Lavender strain online

Its spicy Afghani hash-like taste is smooth and gfdfs comes with a powerful euphoria. Its cerebral high is followed by a swirling body stone that fsfgtdy calms and relaxes, causing most to feel lazy. Inexperienced users may quickly fall asleep. Negative effects may include the fdtrtc familiar cotton mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia. Buy Lavender strain online

Lavender may be used at any time of the day, but some prefer it in fdxtyr the evening or at night to help with insomnia. The strain is often used for hgfhf pain relief due to its powerful Indica effects. It is an hgcdgf effective medication for stress, anxiety, and depression and is prescribed for PTSD, adult ADD/ADHD as well as obsessive compulsive behavior. Patients also use it to fight hgchgfgfhd nausea and eating disorders such as anorexia. The high CBD content, reaching as much as 1%, may hgdgrf also help combat seizures. Buy weed online usa

Lavender has rich and hcgh diverse genetics. Created by Soma hghdhdg Seeds, the strain is a cross between Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani fxfg Hawaiian. Growing well both indoors and out, this strain does best when grown using the Sea of xgfxgf Green technique. A shorter vegetation hgchgf cycle, however, is recommended for that particular hgcgh method to control height. Flowering for gchgc eight to ten weeks, Lavender produces a lower yield: between 150 and 200 grams per square meter.

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As might be rather unsurprising, the first gfhgfh smell you will notice is one of Lavender. However, it has a smell more similar to a good hgdhgd batch of sun-dried Lavender, rather than the fresh, floral flavor that is commonly associated with walking past a sizeable Lavender bush. Buy weed online usa

The smell deepens further as you hgfhg begin to get closer to the bud, as there is the distinctive, incredibly familiar smell of hash that reminds you of all the great xfdfxd Afghani strains you have ever enjoyed. If you are an inexperienced marijuana smoker, you might find it oddly spicy, with an undercurrent of herbaceous-ness that leaves you desperate to smell even more.

Upon the buds being opened, the hghdfh smell deepens further, offering a unique blend of spiciness and lavender that you likely never imagined possible.

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As Lavender is called what it is, it seems logical to expect it to hgffd taste like lavender, but what exactly is the flavor of lavender? Most of the time, it is only the floral smell that people think of; however, lavender oil does have a distinctive flavor dfhg to it that some people find very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is rather challenging to eat lavender hghtg due to its sharp and acrid taste.

In the case of Lavender cannabis, however, the flavor is jhfhtfg more of what you think of as the lavender taste. The taste of the Lavender strain is best gfdf described as floral, herby and extremely spicy. Expect the smoke also to have qualities of hash hghgchg hidden within it, sometimes requiring a strong toke to really experience it.

Besides the flavor and aroma, what about its appearance?

Order Lavender strain online

The appearance of Lavender is annoyingly rather hghgfd ordinary. a deep, mottled green appearance, with interspersed bits of jvjhg orange and yellow trichomes and underlying hairs. Buy Lavender strain online

You’d think that there would be a hgfyu more purple appearance, given this potent strain’s name, but it is unfortunately yfyuf extremely ordinary, looking like any other strain you might find at a marijuana retailer.

However, as with many strains, looks yur6r can be deceiving, as even though this strain has a regular appearance, it has a dynamite yfuy flavor profile and list of effects.

The best way to jhvy see it properly is to try and grow some yourself, so what kind of jhvg specialty growing tips do you need to grow some yourself? Buy Lavender strain online



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