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Hindu Kush is a 100% pure indica strain that is native to the hgdhsgv local regions of the mountains between Pakistan and hjjh Afghanistan. This bud is infamous hgjhyj among users all around the world for its classic indica effects and long-lasting high that’s perfect for any lazy day hghh or sleepless night when you need a little extra help to fully let go. The Hindu Kush high has a subtle hgdtcg building onset that creeps up on both mind and body before suddenly taking hold. You’ll feel a euphoric effect settle into your mind, easing hghdytesrfg  away any negative or racing thoughts and leaving you feeling blissfully unfocused and hazy. As your mind settles into oblivion, your body will begin to ghsxf  follow suit, leaving you couch-locked and totally sedated for hours and hours jgcf on end. Soon, a sleepy effect will settle in, leaving you dozing off and on as both mind and body fade away.  Buy weed online from theweedlink online weed store.

Thanks to these long-lasting gcgdxf effects and its high 22-32% average THC level, Hindu Kush is said to be perfect for treating fxhchg those suffering from conditions such as cramps or muscle spasms, chronic pain, IBS, insomnia, and nausea or appetite loss. Buy weed online

This bud has a fxfdd`sa  skunky earthy flavor with a sweet flowery exhale that has touches of fresh woods. The aroma is very pungent and fragrant with a floral effect that’s accented by fresh cytcyt herbs and spicy pine. Hindu Kush buds have hcyrytr oversized heart-shaped bright forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of amber crystal trichomes. Buy marijuana online

Classified and referred to as one of the hgcyfgf absolute purest indicas on the planet, Hindu Kush’s genetics have been tested to show that the results do, indeed, backup hgczz the exquisite claims made.

Ranking in with a 100% indica content, if you are choosing to dzrwzw consume the Hindu Kush marijuana strain, you know exactly what you jhfxf are getting yourself into (at least if you’re familiar with what an indica can do to the mind and body). Just a little bit of Hindu Kush can go an zxcvyuy extremely long way, because of ifdzrezre ts naturally present 20% THC content. Buy marijuana online

The steady presence of this compound ghrgxgf throughout legal MMJ dispensaries is also partially what makes Hindu Kush so medicinal. Although its origins zfzfs are from landrace strains present in Afghanistan and Pakistan, this ancient zrzscsd marijuana strain was actually brought to America during the 1960s and 1970s, when many exploring parts of the Middle East on what became dzfezrds referred to as “the hippie trail” began bringing cannabis seeds back to the Western world. Buy weed online

Bred from authentic landrace indica dfxfcht genetics, Hindu Kush is believed to have been circulating among U.S. marijuana ycgfgh users as early as the 1960’s.

Hindu Kush was one of the specimens gfztgfxgf brought back from this ‘enlightened’ period of travel, beginning its journey towards globalization in the dzfdfd progressive California city of Oakland, where it continued to spread and gain popularity because of how dfzdsfƒd much consumers were benefitting from both its medicinal gfqualities, and untouched, bona fide effects.

Many of the Hindu Kush seeds sold today have ojhghfgds been crossed with other Kush types (mostly for genetic stability), but still these variations are almost exactly like t cvhjhgfhe original, and produce exemplary effects in gfdxgf most instances.

Buy Hindu Kush weed Review: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance


From the first sniff, the potency and hgfgfgr pungent nature of Hindu Kush is apparent, filling the room it’s in with the aroma of earth, pine and flowers followed by hints of sweetness.

Its flavor is best described as creamy, offering a smooth and fxgfxg velvet-like smoke for the throat and mouth, covering the taste buds with hints of hghfchg spicy-sweet pine and lemony citrus. Appearance wise, as mentioned earlier Hindu Kush is a short and densely-packed crop, much like a miniature Christmas tree.

The crop color is a rich, forest green, with jhhthtg lighter shaded green buds that feature a prominent, thick coating of trichomes, or glistening, THC crystals, that are reminiscent of the first frost of the year.

In between the green colored frosted sugar gfxgfxg leaves is a blend of brassy and bright orangish-red pistils, which are those tiny hairs that curl and twist throughout the bud. The buds themselves ererezzew are pop-corn like, with densely packed herb.

Buy Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

Since Hindu Kush is an indica, its vegetative appearance mimics what is typical of this category; featuring a short and shrubby crop with densely packed and stacked upwards colas (collections of buds). It virtually looks like a miniature Christmas tree, albeit with those leafy, “classic cannabis” shaped leaves in place of evergreen pine needles.

Due to its short stature, those thinking about growing Hindu Kush indoors can do so in a esersresr smaller-than-average space as long as proper ventilation, lighting and temperature control are present, in addition to proficient care (if you want your end result to be a successful, hearty harvest). Hindu kush weed for sale

All marijuana crops in premise are high gfxdf maintenance when compared with other plants, but Hindu Kush can grow with independence, if the fddxf correct conditions are met. In particular, climate seems to have a heavy impact on the quality of crop, with the Hindu Kush strain naturally preferring warm and dry locations (conditions that mimic its Middle Eastern, mountainous beginnings). Hindu kush weed for sale

Hindu Kush weed can be grown rstsrtb either indoors or outdoors, and it has a high resistance to diseases, pests, molds and mildews, making it fairly easy to cultivate. Buy Hindu kush weed

If you grow Hindu Kush outdoors in a more spacious location, its branches will hgtfdsfrg reach wider and you could end up with a bigger plant. All in all, this is a personal gfesezrf choice and dependent on the type of plant you’d like to end up with. Buy marijuana online

The typical flowering trxgf period of Hindu Kush is around 7-9 weeks, meaning it is quick to be ready for harvest. And best of all, it offers a substantial yield at around 14 ounces per meter squared indoors, ghfxfd and 16 ounces per plant outdoors. Buy Hindu kush weed

All of these factors combined, hfdfzxfcg makes Hindu Kush a brilliant, choice crop for those who desire a pure indica with profound effects, that also won’t be a grave htrert challenge regarding cultivation.

Buy Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain: Effects

Due to its 100% indica genetics, it is no surprise sdfgh that Hindu Kush weed affects the mind and body exactly as a very strong indica strain would. Buy Hindu kush weed online

Immediately bringing complete, all-over fxfchgh body and mind relaxation, this strain melts you into a puddle of euphoric bliss. It is heavily sedative, which makes it an trstrdtr essential night time or evening strain, but therefore it can also bring about the munchies and couch-lock.

Mentally, the Hindu Kush marijuana strain ytrdsytrdyt creates good vibes and a positive attitude, allowing you to feel safe and comfortable enough to rstrstr release and express the inner joy, gratitude and giggles from within – without all the mind loops and negative internal commentaries.

Furthermore, Hind Kush cannabis can ghcgfxgr make even those with a complete lack of appetite very hungry. The effects of Hindu Kush are long lasting and will yrststr typically be felt for at least 3 hours after consumption, but probably more like 6-8 hours. Buy Hindu kush weed

Medical Benefits of the Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain


Hindu Kush is so suitable at relaxing the ghxfxgf mind and body that it has many applicable uses in the medical world and for patients of medical marijuana. Buy Hindu kush weed

This cannabis strain generates quite a body high, allowing those with gcrdtr chronic stress, chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, lack of appetite, muscle cramping and more to experience relief. Essentially, any possible tensions can release with gcgfxgfx the aid of this plant.

Those seeking physical release xgxdxfds should opt for a larger potency of THC, in order for the effects to do their job to the full extent. Concentrates, edibles, extracts, fxgdzfd candies and hash, are all methods of consumption that can provide the system with more THC, while fxgzfdzfs requiring less of the actual act of consuming. Buy Hindu kush strain

Hindu Kush weed can also act as an aid for zfdxfg those with mental disabilities, conditions, ailments or disorders. Anxiety and depression can become bfxfdzfdf calmer and more manageable, as well as other mood disorders. Those seeking assistance with a condition of the mind hgfxggzfd should be careful not to over consume any marijuana, especially those with high THC contents, because it can lead to greater anxiety and sometimes even paranoia. Buy Hindu kush strain

You can generally avoid these bvggfg uncomfortable hgxfdtrx circumstances by starting out small and increasing the dose as necessary. Having clear boundaries gfxgfxfdzf and limits is vital, and sticking to those guidelines is just as important.

Hindu Kush Strain Review: Possible Negative Side Effects

It is not typical of Hindu Kush to cause hxgfxgxf extreme negative side effects. For example, it is rarely reported that paranoia or greater anxiety was experienced after the consumption of this cannabis. Cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dry eyes, however, are quite fgdzx frequently mentioned, but should not be a cause for alarm as both can be easily managed with a little extra planning and preparation.

Cottonmouth, for instance, simply requires the dfxfxgfd consumption of more fluids, because dehydration is a common issue amongst all walks of life, so the smoking can make it even stronger. Have a bottle of water or other hydrating fluid close fgxgfdxgfd by at all times, and even prepare something before hand so that if you get overly relaxed and don’t want to get up, you won’t have any excuses.

By purchasing moisturizing eye drops, which are sold for vfxgfxgf affordable prices at most drug stores, you can avoid the discomforts from having dry eyes. All in all, the pros of gfxgxgfd Hindu Kush greatly outweigh the cons.

Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain Review: Buy weed online

If you are an individual dealing with hgffzfdxcgb chronic stress, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or lack of appetite and are searching for an alternative to conventional medicine, then Hindu Kush cannabis may just be the right jhgfdgvh marijuana strain for you. Buy Hindu kush strain

In fact, Hindu Kush is one of the most classic srtyujhhg indicas of all time, and if you are serious about your marijuana consumption, it is an absolute must-try — period. Buy weed online.

We hope you found this Hindu Kush strain review to ydzdxgfxg not only be informative, but also educational. Cannabis has been used as a powerful medicinal tool for generations, and this Middle Eastern strain certainly is one of the greatest werfghgfdf forces to be reckoned with for a variety of medical ailments. Buy weed online



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