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The Weed Link is the bes stop for you to buy black nuken weed online as this is a Canadian bred strain which is highly known in British Colombia. It hails from cross genetics between Black Ice and Duke Nuken. This is quite a new strain in the cannabis industry but has remarkably gained fame as one of the top indica dominant hybrids (80% indica/20% Sativa), this bud has a THC level between 13–25%with quite an excellent aroma and flavor, it has a sweet marshmallow aroma with a pinch of sharp skunk, taste diligently with that of freshly baked marshmallow pie. The strain has an anesthetic appeal that produces tight round buds. buy black nuken online


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The strain has a sage color having several purple hues making the dark green buds and make them portray a black color. This strain is the most recommended when mentioning a wake and bake mindset as it enables daytime smokers enjoy a long-lasting buzz and minimal burnout ( marijuana sales online ). Individuals who consume the Black Nuken strain would enjoy its relaxing property and would also fin that it helps with insomnia and stress while keeping is the user from being completely sedated. marijuana sales online. Buy black nuken strain online from TheWeedlink , the best online dispensary.




Strain GradeAAA
Strain TypeHybrid
EffectsEnergy, Happiness, Euphoria
Medical UsesDepression, Pain
FlavoursSweet, Floral, Citrus




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