Vanilla Kush


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Buy Vanilla Kush Online, Its a strain of Dutch origin from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, this strain is a sativa leaning hybrid made from crossing Afghani landraces with Hash Plant ( order weed online California  ). The strain initially appeared in the mid – 1980’s and is quite delicate. Vanila kush has a THC level of > 20% which makes its effect quite uplifting which could be powerful for relaxed bodies. buy real weed online.


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Some individual who may be familiar with the strain may be able to resist its effect. And still be able to go about their activities normally. We often recommend it for individuals suffering from metal conditions, nausea and  arthritis pain. As the name suggests the taste of this strain is very similar to that of vanilla. With a sweet taste,and is light green in appearance.

Vanilla is often recommended to be taken in the evenings for individuals who are not too familiar with the strain.The strain is easy to cultivate and is recommended for patience who would like to grow their own medication.


Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush

Just like a great proportion of marijuana strain vanilla kush then to have the mouth drying effect. Aside that , that is the only side effect which could be experienced from its consumption

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