White Fire Alien OG


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Buy moon rock buds online. This strainn is an indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain that produces a scent which is sweet and earthy along side a little pinch of lemon and diesel like undertone. The THC level of this strain is at about 26% ( buy cannabis online ). The indica and sativa level of this strain are as follows 60% and 40% respectively.

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Flowering of this strain takes a period of 50-60 days and the CBD Level is quite low at <2%. When grown in appropriate or favourable conditions, it produces a yield of >= 300G. Growing this strain often does not require much experience and is quite simple and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Buy weed in italy online

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The effect of this strain must not be overlooked by anyone and is only recommended to experienced smokers who are familiar with the intense cerebral buzz that comes with high amounts of THC.



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