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The Banana split is a medium-sized plant that originates from a cross between the highly knowTanguie and Banana Sherbert and is Sativa dominant. The plant is medium-sized which during the flowing stages stretches outward, the average flowering cycle for this plant lasts 55– 60 days. Buy Banana Split Dank vapes online

The plant has two separate phenotypes namely: one which flowers faster and the other which flowers relatively slowly or take longer to fully develop.

Looking at the THC level of the Banana split we see it varies but not so greatly ranging from 22–25%, indicating consumers can be sure of a very solid high feeling after its consumption. Buy Banana Split Dank vapes online



The high with banana splits come very rapidly but have a couple of medical advantages for some consumers namely: the gain of appetite, sleep aid, and depression treatment.

The reason for the rapid high is, it races your mind while the body is stationary making individuals burst with energy. For individuals who want to calm the high before it takes full effect of the, they could consume pizza, beverages, and other snacks that they could get access to.  Buy Banana Split custom vape cartridge packaging online.

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